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Crossing the River

The Bridges of Pune
by Akshay Shete & Amit Tandon
Rivers are an integral part of most civilizations and historically we have seen that traditional settlements have taken root on one bank of a river. Spanning the width of the river is an important milestone in the history of the settlements. It enhances the jurisdiction and connectivity, leading to exchange between the two sides. The journey of constructing bridges in Pune started in the 18th century when Lakdi pul was constructed by Nanasaheb Peshwa and since then every bridge has been constructed with a different purpose and exploring different construction methodologies.

In this narrative, the author explores chronological construction of bridges in Pune and the story of several of these bridges, their political relevance, construction methods and the costs incurred. As part of the process all the bridges were documented and visualised in 3D.
Did you know?

Pune has five rivers and there are more than 20 bridges on these rivers.